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We've Moved!

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Jeff, Dan, Shaun, Eric, Dave, Pete

January 1994
Jeff Rotondi, Dan Haarmann, Shaun Oliver, Eric Hood, Dave Hood, and Pete

Summer 1994 - Dave, Pete, Eric, Dave, & Bryan

Summer 1995 Everglades

Summer 1994
Dave Middleton, Pete, Eric Hood, Dave Hood, and Bryan Taylor

Pete, John, and Kris

Fall 1995
Pete, John Paulson, and Kris Oliver

Jeff and Pete

Summer 1996
Jeff Tahnk and Pete in Hawaii

Winchester Guys

Summer 1997
The Winchester guys on a bar crawl in Boston (front row: Dave Hood, Andy Nolan, Shaun Oliver, Eric Hood, Jeff Tahnk; back row: Dave Middleton, Jeff Rotondi, Pete)

Joe and Pete

January 1998
Joe Virgilio and Pete

Pete and Van in Cancun - 1998

Joe, Pete, Emily, and Dan

January 1999
Joe Virgilio, Pete, Emily d'Entremont, and Dan Hennessy

Pete, Kathryn, and Dave

Summer 1999
Pete, Kathryn Wilson, and Dave Middleton

Diana and Pete

Summer 1999
Diana Grande and Pete

Crissy and Pete - November 1999

Bob's Surprise Party at the Big Easy in 2000

April 2000
Bob's surprise party at the Big Easy

Ned, Henry, Ted, Pete, and Dan

April 2000
Ned Burke, Henry Poydar, Ted Keenan, Pete, and Dan Hennessy

Van, Pete, and Ted Keenan

May 2000
Van, Pete, and Ted Keenan

Pete, Joe, and Dan

May 2000
Pete, Joe Virgilio, and Dan Hennessy at Joe's wedding reception

Shaun, Eric, Jeff, Andy, Pete, and Dave in 2000

July 2000
Shaun Oliver, Eric Hood, Jeff Tahnk, Andy Nolan, Pete, and Dave Hood at Andy's wedding.

Pete at Disney in October 2000

October 2000
From Crissy: Ironic isn't it? Pete always had the worst trouble with his cars. Let's see, there was the station wagon with the wood paneling, the Bronco, the Jeep Wagoneer, the Jeep Wrangler, and then the Mustang. (And you can't tell, but the car he's sitting in has a flat tire!!) This was taken at Disney World during our trip to Florida.

Vanessa, Pete, and Raquel at Dockside in 2001

April 2001
Vanessa, Pete, and Raquel Jose at Mardi Gras Party at the Dockside in Boston.

Pete and Jackie

Spring 2001
Pete and Jackie Carr

Pete and Rob Thatford

July 2001
Pete and Rob Thatford

Pete and Tim - July4, 2001

Tim, Mike, Rob, Pete, and JK

September 2001
Tim Chrystal, Mike Jerauld, Rob Sprague, Pete, and Jon Kalagher

Pete and Tom - September 2001

Scott, Pete, Rob, JK, and Brian

February 2002
Scott Dinneen, Pete, Rob Sprague, Jon Kalagher, and Brian Kelliher at Reagan's birthday party

Summer Camp Counselor

Summer 1994
Pete and Emily d'Entremont while working as counselors for the Winchester Recreation Department summer camp

Shaun and Pete

Fall 1995
Shaun Oliver and Pete

Pete's 21st Birthday

December 1995
Dave Middleton, Van, Kris Oliver, Dan Haarmann, Pete, Dave Hood, and Shaun Oliver on Pete's 21st birthday

Winchester gang - Summer 1996

Emily and Pete

Spring 1997
From Emily d'Entremont: It was Pete's senior year at Colgate. I was dating one of Pete's friends and had flown into Colgate for the Sigma Chi formal. It was at some old house or castle type place and we spent hours dancing. I know at one point that week-end Pete and I actually ended up serving drinks from behind the bar at Peabody's (where Pete worked as a bouncer). It was a great week-end.

Pete, Pat, and Joe

Fall 1997
Pete, Pat Mikus, and Joe Virgilio

Pete and Crissy in October 1998

October 1998
From Crissy: This was taken at my sister's wedding in White Plains, NY. Pete was a great sport and drove all the way from Boston just to come. We had only been together for about 2 months. He met my entire family (no pressure though!). Luckily he stayed around...

Pete, Crissy, and Kerry - February 1999

Pete on his 1/2 birthday in 1999

June 1999
Pete on his half birthday (24 1/2)

Megan, Bob, Angie, and Pete

Summer 1999
Megan McAdam, Bob Comerford, Angie Delvalley, and Pete

Summer 1999 - Pete & Van

Pete and Scott - December 1999

Peter, Jeff, and Shaun - Winter 1999

Colgate Wedding

Spring 2000
Colgate wedding

Jeff, Kathryn, Colleen, Emily, Pete, and Shaun

April 2000
Jeff Tahnk, Kathryn Wilson, Colleen Campbell, Emily d'Entremont, Pete, and Shaun Oliver

Winchester Group

Spring 2000
The Winchester Gang

Pete and Crissy in Summer 2000

Summer 2000
Pete and Crissy

Pete, Shaun, and Amy

July 2000
Pete, Shaun Oliver, and Amy Hall at Andy's wedding

Pete and Harper Fertig

February 2001
Pete and Harper Fertig

Pete and Curious George

March 2001
Pete and Curious George

Rob, Pete, Jamie, Jenny at BWI Airport in 2001

May 2001
Rob Thatford, Pete, Jamie Weaver, and Jenny Weaver at the BWI Airport.

Julie DelMastro and Pete

July 2001
Julie DelMastro and Pete

Pete and Sheri Alt

September 2001
Pete and Sheri Ault

Scott, Reagan, Heather, and Pete - Winter 2001