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Colgate Photos

We've Moved!

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Pete prior to leaving for Colgate

August 1993
Pete packing up a rented minivan before leaving for his freshman year at Colgate

John, Dan, Pete, John, and Chris

Spring 1994
John Blaise, Dan Haarmann, Pete, John Faith, and Chris White

Sigma Chi guys - Fall 1994

Gordy, Dan, Jason, and Pete

Spring 1995
Gordy Gatewood, Dan Haarmann, Jason Griswold, and Pete

Dan and Pete

October 1996
Dan Hennessy and Pete on Halloween

Fraternity pals - January 1997

Pete, Jeremy, and John

Spring 1997
Pete, Jeremy Black, and John Faith

Colgate Group

Spring 1997

John, Pete, Tyler, and Jeremy on Graduation 1997

May 1997
John Faith, Pete, Tyler Van Pelt, and Jeremy Black on Graduation Day

Senior Photo

Senior Photo

Pete and John in 1994

March 1994
Pete and John Killam

Pete in his dorm room Sophomore year

October 1994
Pete sitting in his dorm room Sophomore year

Spring Break - 1995

October, 1996 - Gordy, John, Jeremy, & Pete

1996 Halloween

October 1996

Rob, Tyler, Pete, Jeremy at Spring Break 1997

March 1997
Rob Puntel, Tyler Van Pelt, Pete, and Jeremy Black at Spring Break in Daytona Beach, Florida

Carnival prize - Spring 1997

Gordy, Pete, and Dan at Peabody's in 1997

Spring 1997
Gordy Gatewood, Pete, and Dan Haarmann at Peabody's (where Pete worked as a bouncer)

Graduation Torches

May 1997
The guys doing the ceremonial torch walk the night before graduation

Pete on Graduation Day May 1997

May 1997
Pete on Graduation Day