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Childhood Photos

We've Moved!

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Pete in May 1976

May 1976
Peter at 18 months

Peter on Christmas morning 1977

December 1977
Peter showing off his basketball skills a day before his 3rd birthday (Christmas morning)

Peter playing the drums in August 1979

August 1979
Peter playing the drums in his Aunt and Uncle's basement (for complete story about Peter and the drums, see Peter's father's eulogy)

Peter and Chris in September 1980

September 1980
Peter holding new brother Chris (2 1/2 weeks old)

Peter and Jim Rice in July 1981

July 1981
Peter and Boston Red Sox star Jim Rice

Pete dressed as Snoopy the Red Baron in May 1985

May 1985
Peter's entry in EnKa's "Decorate Your Bike" Contest as Snoopy The Red Baron (for complete story, see Peter's father's eulogy)

Peter and Mike on Halloween 1986

October 1986
Peter and Mike Szczepanski on Halloween

Pete in Middle School play in April 1988

April 1988
Peter (7th grade) in the Junior High School presentation of the Wizard of Oz (for complete story, see Peter's father's eulogy)

Pete and Kirk

March 1989
Pete and Kirk Minihane in Washington, DC for the 8th grade class trip

Pete at beach in Chatham in August 1977

August 1977
Peter at age 2 1/2 in Chatham, Cape Cod

Jim and Peter in August 1978

August 1978
Peter's cousin Jim Miklus and Peter

Peter in September 1979

September 1979

Peter and Vandy on first day of school 1980

September 1980
Peter (kindergarten) and Vandy (3rd grade) on their first day of school

Pete as ring bearer in cousin Joanie's wedding

April 1982
Peter as the ringbearer in his cousin Joanie's wedding

Danny and Peter - Bambino AllStars 1984

Peter and Chris as pirates on Halloween 1985

October 1985
Peter and Chris as pirates on Halloween

Wax Museum with Jeff Tahnk and Shaun Oliver

May 1987
Jeff Tahnk, Peter, and Shaun Oliver at the 5th grade Wax Museum representing the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus

Pete and Mugsy in February 1989

February 1989
Peter and Mugsy (for complete story, see Chris's eulogy)


March 1989
Andy Nolan, Dave Hood, Eric Hood, and Pete in Washington, DC for the 8th grade class trip